When Samantha Anne’s brother, Johnny, goes missing-in-action while fighting for the Confederate army, she takes on the responsibility of finding him herself. Lucky for her, she grew up tagging along with Johnny and his friends, doing things a proper Southern Belle should never do. These skills come in handy as she disguises herself to join the rebel ranks.

    Between fierce and bloody battles, she searches the tired, filthy faces of soldiers looking for Johnny. Along the way, her life is forever changed by the difficult choices she is forced to make, the horrors of war she shares with her fellow soldiers, and the courage she discovers within.

    Belle Boy: A Sister in the Rebel Ranks is also available as a digital download on all devices with access to the Amazon Kindle e-store. These include the Amazon Kindle, the Apple iPhone and iPad, Blackberry phones as well as devices that run the Android mobile operating system.

“Anne Fuller expertly weaves fascinating historical facts throughout her story ... a novel about a courageous sister’s quest
for her missing brother during the Civil War.”

~Alison Hart, Gabriel’s Horses,
book one in the Racing to Freedom trilogy

Copies also available through Amazon.com

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